Primary Day is This Tuesday, June 22nd

Polls are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Deb Zamer is running to be the next Albany Common Councilmember for the 14th Ward. Her parents, Hon. Larry and Judy Rosen, raised their family in the 14th. And this is where Deb and her husband, Josh, chose to build their life and raise their children.

Deb’s roots in Albany are deep. Her immigrant grandparents came to North Albany as survivors of Nazi Europe. They found freedom and opportunity in our wonderful city and built a good life for themselves and their family. Learning this history, Deb’s children understand that equality and justice are values that require hard work to uphold.

These are the values that will guide Deb’s campaign and that she will bring to the Common Council. She is committed to protecting the quality of life that makes our neighborhoods so special, while working hard to ensure the promise of Albany that embraced her grandparents is available to all.

New Video Released on 2/21/21:

Deb’s Family History

I’m running for Common Council because the 21st Century issues we now face require creative and smart solutions. I’m ready to get to work so that together we can develop forward-thinking initiatives that support our neighborhoods and expand our tax base, without leaving communities feeling trampled upon.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a problem solver focused on finding solutions. My background in social work, real estate and government has given me a deep understanding of the diversity of issues we face here in Albany. I understand both the public and private sectors and how they can work together to move our community forward.

 My campaign recognizes that the promise of Albany lies in the wealth of opportunity that comes with our geographic location, with being a Capital City, and with the incredible diversity of our neighborhoods. The work to fulfill Albany’s promise requires a strong voice for the 14th Ward. My promise to you is to be that voice and to work cooperatively to get the job done.

As your Common Council Member, I will be accessible and accountable to you as I work tirelessly to bring your voice to City Hall. I hope to meet in person when it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, you can contact me at Please take a moment and click on our social media channels below and follow the campaign.